Quality craftsmanship and professional integrity: two essential elements that comprise the foundation of my career with stone...

I began my career in stone working for an intensely dedicated and profoundly hard-nosed professional mason; my brother. Brian and I may have grown up in the same bedroom, but there was no family benefit when we were on the job site. My perseverance and determination to succeed in the stone construction business were characteristics emboldened by working for him. Throughout my career I have worked on a wide range of projects, from the basics of stone veneer fireplaces and chimneys to an ever evolving passion for the tradition and craftsmanship of dry stone walling, a passion that began in 2004. I have had the good fortune of working for and learning from some of the best stone masons in the United States and abroad. My secondary passion, traveling, has presented me with the opportunity to work in various locations over the past few years. Along with apprenticing under a Master Dry Stone Waller in England, I have completed projects in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, California and Oregon. I currently live in Bend, Oregon and intend to produce quality stonework here just as I have in other parts of the country. I strive to handle each project as a creative and educational opportunity, with the hope of leaving my clients with a sense of personal satisfaction in their new environment.

I currently hold a Level 1 Certification with the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain (DSWAGB) and am also an active member of the North American Members Group of the DSWA. I continue to educate myself on the encompassing benefits of dry stone walling through workshops, festivals, and seminars and am always looking to educate my clients and the public on the ancient craft of dry stone walling.